We explore new ways and create a foundation for new opportunities

Global Design Partner is specialized in product developing of Designed products and bring the article from basis idea through production and finally to the shop.

We challenge your design, production methods and usual standards – thereby we move the design businesses forward.

We operate globally and work locally with manufacturers. It is your guarantee that we collaborate with the right production companies in the right locations and that development, process and communication takes place at the highest level.

With our help you get a strong partner throughout the development and production stage, and you can accelerate quickly from business concept to prototype. We give you the knowledge of new suppliers and ensure competitive prices, quality assessment, monitoring and ensure that the product arrive to the store in time. In other words, we give you time to focus on current business and bottom line profit.

With us you can get help with everything within:

        • Product development
        • Technical review
        • Inquiry
        • Sourcing and selection of producers
        • Quotation analysis, cost evaluation and calculation preparation
        • Negotiations and contract basis
        • Start up of tooling and review of reference
        • Production start up and reference sampling
        • Quality Assurance
        • CSR and Audit
        • Test, printing and packing
        • Project Management time schedule

Are you a design company we can help you

Global Design Partner works with all aspects of design for the home. We have technical knowledge in virtually all materials and have extensive experience with everything from tableware (glass, ceramics, wood, cutlery etc.), kitchen articles, electrical appliances, lamps, furniture, textiles, gift products and even clocks/watches.

We also take care of development and production of gift box’s and packaging assignments.

Our clients are typically small or medium-sized design companies, who are about to establish themselves in the market, wants to evolve in new directions or evaluate the commercial basis of an existing product range. With our help we ensure benchmark, operation and long-term competitiveness.

As we work in a highly competitive environment, we are subject to confidentiality agreements and therefore we cannot disclose our customer list. However, we have the opportunity to provide additional information at a preliminary meeting.