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global design partner – Denmark

You get a strong partner throughout the development and production stage, and you can accelerate quickly from business concept to prototype.

We give you the knowledge of new suppliers and ensure competitive prices, quality assessment, monitoring, and ensure that the products arrives to the stores in time.

In other words, we give you time to focus on current business and bottom line profit.

global design partner – China

In China we produce in all kind of materials and everything related to handicraft products with focus on high details and quality.

We help to find the correct manufactures and follow the project from creation to warehouse.

global design partner – Portugal

In Portugal we produce everything the Portuguese market can offer like ceramics, cork, wood, furniture and much more.

All we do is related to designed products always with quality and high finish. We assist in all matters from prototype to warehouse.

global design partner

Wrap-up year 21-22